Student Animal Welfare Clubs


Eligible Grant Projects – Overview:

Guidelines for Student Animal Welfare Clubs on the use of grants from the Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada

  1. The Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada (AWFC) has limited funds for small grants (up to a maximum of $2000 per club) available for animal welfare clubs at Canadian universities to support their activities.
  2. AWFC asks clubs to direct this funding to educational activities that promote animal welfare aimed at club members, the student population in general, and, where possible, the general public, to ensure the largest possible impact. Funds should not normally be used to support the care of individual animals (e.g. this funding is not intended for funding veterinary care for an individual animal).
  3. Please apply using the form provided. You will need to include a description of proposed activities and a budget for planned expenditures in the coming year.  In addition, clubs are required to provide a report on the previous year’s activities, including how the funds from the AWFC were spent. Please also include photos illustrating club activities (which may also be included on the website), and a link to the club’s website, if one exists.
  4. Deadline for proposals is November 1st of each year. Applications should be submitted to Clubs will be informed of AWFC’s funding decisions by the end of December.

What We Do NOT Fund:

  • Food/drink at events, conferences or lectures
  • Bursaries and scholarships
  • Operational expenses (one-time or on-going)
  • Costs for projects that have commenced or were completed prior to application
  • Capital campaigns/expenses or building infrastructure costs
  • Veterinary or direct animal care expenses

Past University Animal Welfare Student Club Reports