University of BC – Stratton Memorial Lecture

  • 2016
    Temple Grandin, University of Colorado – “Maintaining High Standards in Animal Welfare”

    The 2016 Stratton Lecture “Maintaining high standards in animal welfare” by Dr Temple Grandin was a tremendous success. The interest from the public and the University community was overwhelming. Dr Grandin’s talk was fully subscribed two weeks before the event, with a waiting list of 164. Dr Grandin kindly allowed us to audio tape her talk, a link to which was sent to all those on the wait list. The talk was broadcast on UBC CiTR radio, and the lecture is now available as a podcast to the general public at
  • 2015 No lecture
  • 2104 No lecture
  • 2013
    Chris Draper, Born Free Foundation – “Welfare in a Conservation Context
  • 2012
    Dr Becky Whay, Professor, University of Bristol, School of Veterinary Medicine. “Improving the lives of working horse (and their owners) in the developing world”
  • 2011 No lecture
  • 2010
    Dr Ian Duncan, Professor, University of Guelph. “Animal welfare, a recent history”
  • 2009
    Steve Ross, Lester E Fisher Center for Study and Conservation of Apes,

    Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago. “Enriching the lives of zoo animals”
  • 2008
    10th Anniversary of the UBC Animal Welfare Program, alumni panel discussion
    Cassandra Tucker, PhD University of California, Davis
    Carol Morgan, PhD, DVM, Veterinarian
    Sara Dubois, MSc, BC SPCA
    Julie Huzzey, PhD candidate, Cornell University
    Leanne McConnachie, MSc, Vancouver Humane Society
  • 2007
    Prof. Larry Dill, Simon Fraser University “Animal welfare and conservation”
  • 2006
    Dr. Carla Forte Maiolino Molento, Universidade Federal do Paraná, Brazil; “Animal welfare and the control of stray dogs in Brazil”
  • 2005
    Dr Andrew Rowan, Executive VP Humane Society of the United States, “The animal protection movement in North America”
  • 2004
    Dr Arnold Arluke, Professor, Northeastern University, “Understanding the no-kill controversy”