Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada Lecture in Memory of Basil Capes

Basil Capes was associated with the Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada for many years, serving as both Secretary and President of this organization.

Basil was an architect by profession who had a passionate and abiding interest in animal welfare. In addition to his main architectural projects, he often designed animal shelters for Humane Societies and donated his time in this respect. He also donated books and papers on animal welfare to the University of Guelph Library.

When he passed away, his family and friends decided to establish a lecture series in his name, with funding support from the AWFC. Below is a list of past lecture topics:

  • 2014
    Dr. Sandra Olsen, Research Associate in the Biodiversity Institute
    University of Kansas
    The Evolution of the Horse-human Relationship through Time
  • 2009
    Dr. Peter Singer, Princeton University
    Animal and Ethics
  • 2007
    Dr. Michael Appleby, Word Society for the Protection of Animals
    Why should we care about animals during times of crisis?
  • 2006
    Dr. Bernard Rollin, Colorado State University
    Emerging Social Ethics for Animals
  • 2004
    Professor Vince Molony, University of Edinburgh
    Pain in Farm Animals: An investigation of how bad it is and what can be done about it
  • 2002
    Dr. Bo Algers, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
    Welfare and Efficiency: Can They be Put Together in Piglet Production?: A Swedish Example