Animal Welfare Organization grant cycle

The AWFC’s Animal Welfare Organization grant stream has the following steps:

  1. The Project Eligibility Proposal (PEP) can be submitted through September 30.
  2. The Grant Committee reviews all PEP’s at once and identifies eligible projects by mid-October.
  3. In mid-October, eligible projects are invited to complete a full application.
  4. The full application is due November 15.
  5. The Grant Committee reviews all full applications and makes a recommendation to the Board of Directors for funding.
  6. The Board of Directors meets in mid-December and makes a decision on the Grant Committee’s recommendation.
  7. Applicants are notified by January 1.
  8. Successful applicants will receive a funding cheque for the full amount approved in January after signing a funding agreement.
  9. Successful applicants provide a mid-year funding update in June and an end of year funding update in November, unless their grant request follows a different timeline.