Amy Morris, MPP


John Andrew, CA

Tunmise Faith Ehigbor


British Columbia
John Andrew, CA
Amy Morris, MPP

Giuliana Miguel Pacheco, PhD

Sherri Cox, DVM
Toolika Rastogi, PhD
Katie MacDonald, PhD

Valli-Laurente Fraser-Celin, PhD

Jamie Ahloy Dallaire, PhD

Prince Edward Island
Caroline Ritter, PhD

Former Directors: 2020-Present (in alphabetical order)

Dr. Courtney Graham, Adrienne McBride, Jamey Blair.

Former Directors: 2000-2020 (in alphabetical order)

Dr. Renée Bergeron, Jamey Blair, Susan Church, Dr. Alice Crook, Craig Daniell, Dr. Nicolas Devillers, Cathy Dixon, Dr. Ian Duncan, Dr. David Fraser, Sophie Gaillard, Dr. Chris Harvey-Clarke, Dr. Adrienne Johnston, Adrienne McBride, Leanne McConnachie, Jane Morrigan, Dr. Lee Niel, Frances Rodenburg, Dr. Joe Stookey, Dr. Dan Weary, Dr. Daphne Pontbriand, Jackie Wepruk, Dr. Norm Willis, Dr. David Woodridge, Marguerite Vogel

Former Directors: 1966-2000 (in alphabetical order)

Peter Armour, Mary Driscoll, Basil Capes, Pam Dillingham, Dr. Andrew Fraser, Caroline Hewson, Bob Hosegood, Alvin Hunt, Dr. Doug Irvine, William Leach, Ken Machin, Hugh McCuaig, Frederick McGrand, Hélène Marcelin, Russell Payton, Dr. Daphne Pontbriand, Dr. John Quine, Gordon Trent, Cameron Webster, Michael Weeks, Elizabeth Wolfe

Original Founders, 1965: 

Tom Hughes*, Peter Stratton

*Tom Hughes founded the AWFC in 1965 thanks to major benefactor Peter Stratton. Mr. Hughes remained with the Foundation as President for the next 35 years. The role of President then became a term-limited, elected position.

The role of President, along with the other officer positions of Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, are voted on each year by the AWFC’s Board of Directors at its Annual General Meeting in April. Directors serve 3-year terms. If you would like to join the AWFC’s Board, please send an email to

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