Jennifer Frayne

Jennifer Frayne will join the AWFC Board in April of 2024. Jennifer has worked in veterinary clinics and animal shelters for over 20 years with a variety of companion animals and small livestock. This was where her passion for animal welfare started to grow. She began working at the University of Guelph in 2016 in Research Administration working with the research and teaching animals on campus. While at Guelph, she went back to school to complete her Master’s in Animal Behaviour and Welfare studying the litter box behaviour in domestic cats to reduce the likelihood of house soiling. She currently still works in Research Administration with both the Animal Care Committee and Research Ethics Board to ensure the ethical guidelines are met and exceeding in research.


Jennifer also works with a variety of research and teaching animals (fish, laboratory animals, domestic species and agriculture species) as a Registered Laboratory Animal Technician, where she strives to ensure the animals welfare is held to the highest standard as well as finding many different types of enrichment items for them. She currently lives in rural Ontario with her husband and 3 very active rescue dogs, Meg, Roxy and Sabian.  Jennifer also volunteers with an Ontario based dog rescue, Speaking of Dogs as well as with the Elora Swan Program. In her spare time she loves to go camping and hiking as well as enjoying training her crew in agility, dock diving, and trick training.

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