The Dr. Carol Morgan Memorial Award Past Recipients


2019 – Dr. Holly Tillotson

Veterinarian Dr. Holly Tillotson of Pacific Rim Veterinary Hospital in Port Alberni s the 2019 winner of the AWFC’s CMMA. Dr. Tillotson will use the $1000 grant to attend the International Veterinary Forensic Sciences Association annual conference in May 2019. “Presently there are few veterinarians with any training in forensics, especially in Canada. The dilemma our profession faces is that while we want to assist in the investigation of crimes against animals, we need additional training to play a more meaningful role”, says Tillotson.



2018 – Dr. Susi Cienciala

Equine veterinarian Dr. Susi Cienciala of Deep Creek Veterinary Services is the recipient of the first-ever Dr. Carol Morgan Memorial Award. She will use her $1000 grant towards an online diploma in equitation science, which focuses on how horses learn, by studying the behaviour and cognition of horses. “I hope to create a webinar for veterinary students on low-stress handling of equine patients. This information on the science of how horses learn will improve the horses’ welfare, keep veterinary students safer and empower them with information they can pass onto their clients and colleagues”, Cienciala says.