Many people who want to donate to animal care and welfare charities say they feel confused by the number of organizations in need of support, and they don’t know where to start. This is where the AWFC can help.

What We Do

Since 1965, the Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada (AWFC) has been working to advance the well-being of animals across Canada.

Headed by a small, volunteer board of veterinary science professionals, animal welfare academics,  advocates and experts in public policy and grant-making, the purpose of our work at the AWFC can be broken into two key initiatives:


Donations made to the AWFC help fund the grants we award to select Canadian animal welfare charities  performing some of the most urgently needed work in animal protection, animal welfare research, and the advancement of laws and policies directed toward the regard and care for animals as sentient beings. If you are seeking funding for a project or initiative, click here to read more about our grant programs.


Many donors looking to support animal welfare charities say they often donate in response to an emotional image or campaign appeal for funds. They would prefer, however, more assurances that they are giving to the most reputable and productive organizations, particularly when considering large donations or  bequests in their Wills.

What if you could rely on a panel of animal welfare experts to help you fund the most deserving initiatives, maximizing the impact of your donation? Alleviating these concerns is what the AWFC was designed to do. We do the homework for you.

For over 50 years, the AWFC has assessed and investigated numerous animal welfare programs and initiatives in order to best guide the endowment of one-time, recurring and legacy gift donations. Our work gives donors peace of mind that we will maximize the impact of their contributions by supporting initiatives that will have a major impact on improving animal welfare across Canada, in the short and long term, both regionally and nationally. Simply put: we are an animal aid multiplier.

Click here to learn more about how we manage donor gifts.



Humans have long shared a strong interdependence with animals. However, respect and regard for the needs of animals as sentient beings has not always been a primary consideration among those who use animals for their own purposes.  

While the last few decades have seen a marked increase in societal concern for animal welfare, organizations working to improve the lives and well-being of animals still struggle to cover costs. At the same time, donors wishing to contribute to animal protection programs often feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of organizations seeking support and are uncertain as to which organizations are performing the most essential work. 

It was in response to these concerns that in 1965, the late Peter Stratton and the late Tom Hughes established the Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada (AWFC). Their objective for the AWFC was to promote and sustain an interest in the study of and improvement in animal welfare across Canada. As well, they intended for the AWFC to serve as a panel of experts who could advise individuals looking to make donations or bequeath their estates to support effective animal welfare and protection charities.


Today, the AWFC continues its legacy of supporting animal welfare advancements through our grant-making activities. All donations to the AWFC have been managed in a sustainable manner. Capital is maintained and only the income funds generated by investments are allocated to projects each year. This ensures perpetuity of resources designated for the the advancement of animal welfare, and allows us to award grants to animal protection charities, student animal welfare clubs at universities across Canada, and support for public lectures on animal welfare.

Please join us and become a part of our story.

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THE ANIMAL WELFARE FOUNDATION OF CANADA is a Canada Revenue Agency registered charity, number 11878-7290-RR0001.


Our Vision

The vision of the Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada (AWFC) is that all animals be well cared for and treated with respect, and that an enlightened ethic of animal care be fostered. <more>

Our Purpose

The Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada aims to achieve measurable positive change in improving the lives of animals in Canada, through funding innovative educational, research and public outreach initiatives.   <more>

Our Impact

To provide some measure of how effective the AWFC funding has been in contributing broadly to improving the lives of animals in Canada, in 2015 we decided to conduct an evaluation of the impact achieved by the projects we support each year. <more>

What’s New


Organizations and individuals receiving AWFC grants for this year have been announced! See below for details:

Animal Welfare Organizations – 6 recipients

Carol Morgan Memorial Award – 2 recipients

Student Clubs – no applicants/recipients this year due to pandemic restrictions/school closures

Public Lectures – no applicants/recipients this year due to pandemic restrictions/school closures

Minshall Award – no applicants/recipients this year due to pandemic restrictions/school closures


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